Arizona Immigration Regulation: 10Th And 14Th Amendments At Odds Yet Again

Now, like our medical records under Obamacare, every financial transaction is open to the government - every single one. Maybe if ya stick to cash you’ll be good, but no…sorry…I forgot…even our BANK RECORDS are open to the Feds now - ya know, to protect us from them evil banks and all. Whew! I feel so much better now!

ALEX SINK: Oh — you know, that’s hard for me to answer because I don’t think about the past and I don’t think about regrets so much. If you loved this post and you would certainly such as to obtain even more facts pertaining to Immigration solicitors Arizona (Learn More Here) kindly see our own page. I think about the future. I think about — I’m thinking about the future of Florida and what I can do for Florida people, putting them back to work.

The next question was from a woman who asked what new ways Obama would bring equality in the workplace, especially when it comes to women’s pay. Obama answered her by giving her anecdotes about his mother and grandmother and about unequal pay in the workplace. He then stated that he wanted to make sure college is affordable by expanding Pell grants. His administration cut out the “middle man” with college loans by taking $60 million from the banks and giving it directly to students. Laws must be enforced. He does not tolerate discrimination.

KING: I’m going to call a time-out here because I promised both of you we’re going to spend extended time trying to get some answers about both of your companies. Your company — your bank and your health care company. I want to ask one more question on another issue before we take our first break of the debate. You have said Mr. Rick Scott that you think Florida should essentially copy Arizona. Look at the Immigration Arizona and come up with some version that fits Florida, and you have said you oppose amnesty.

We need to need to policy — our federal government needs to secure our borders. We need to know who’s in our country. However, if you’re in our country illegally and you’re doing something wrong, and you’re stopped by law enforcement, just like you get asked, I get asked for my I.D., you should be able to ask if you’re legal or not.

Rather than protest the Immigration law of Arizona why not provide solutions to this major problem. Rather than read a terrorist his rights whether he or she is a naturalized citizen or not, have certain laws that pertain to these mass murderers. Why not enact new laws that protect the American people but does not afford umbrella protection to a terrorist or illegal immigrants.

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